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Bug#746578: libpam-systemd to flip dependencies - proposal

I've been reading the messages from Josh about cgmanager etc., and
they haven't changed my mind about the need to flip these
dependencies.  If other bugs in systemd-ship or cgmanager turn up,
they should be fixed.  We have time to do that.  And I am not opposed
to further `safety' changes to cgmanager.  Those should be discussed
with the appropriate maintainer.

So, I hereby formally propose the resolution text below.  I intend to
call for votes some time tomorrow.



Rationale (Constitution 6.1(5)):

1. Currently libpam-systemd (which is pulled in by quite a few
   dependency chains) Depends on `systemd-sysv | systemd-shim (>= 8-2)'.

2. The effect of this is that installing some packages which depend
   (directly or indirectly) on libpam-systemd can cause a user's init
   system to be switched to systemd, even on systems where a user has
   deliberately chosen not to use the default init system, and even
   when the switch is unnecessary.

3. Swappping the order of these dependencies would avoid that and has
   no harmful effect:

4. In particular, on systems that already have systemd-sysv installed,
   libpam-systemd will still not pull in systemd-shim, thus minimizing
   the risk of breakage on systemd systems.  However, on systems that
   intentionally do not have systemd installed, the installation of
   libpam-systemd will then prefer to pull in systemd-shim and keep
   the installed init system rather than switching to systemd-sysv.

Decision (Constitution 6.1(4)):

5. We therefore overrule the decision of the maintainer of
   libpam-systemd binary package.  The Depends entry
      systemd-sysv | systemd-shim (>= 8-2)
   should be replaced by 
      systemd-shim (>= 8-2) | systemd-sysv

6. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not intend to set this specific
   syntax in stone.  For example, if in future libpam-systemd needs to
   depend on a later systemd-shim, or needs a versioned rather than
   unversioned dependency on systemd-sysv, that is fine and would not
   contradict our decision.

Release (Constitution 6.1(5)):

7. Our advice is that this change should be in jessie.  If necessary,
   this view should be conveyed to the Release Team, after the change
   is in unstable, by filing an unblock request in the usual way.


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