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Bug#717076: libjpeg-turbo transition

Hi Mike

On Fri, Jul 11, 2014, at 09:33, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> >> > Please also consider filing a
> >> > transition bug to help us (the release team) get an overview of the
> >> > affected packages at your earliest convenience.
> >>
> >> If someone else could take this over before August, that will be much
> >> appreciated. I won't be able to make it before then...
> >
> > I can take care of those things about the releases. I can also help with
> > the packages, merging the work already done in Ubuntu into git, etc.
> Great! Go ahead then. I will join in again when I am back from VAC  
> (2nd Aug 2014).


Feel free to discuss the transition plan in #754988.

I will be working on updated libjpeg-turbo packages next week.

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