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Bug#717076: libjpeg-turbo transition

Hi all,

short notice from my side... (defacto / so far libjpeg-turbo package maintainer)...

I can start working on the libjpeg-turbo transition at the beginning of August. First step is, I guess, providing libjpeg-turbo with libjpeg compat mode enabled.

The package currently is team-maintained under the umbrella of the pkg-tigervnc team. Anyone interested in collaboration may join the team and I am happy if someone starts working on that packaging change before August.

The packaging Vcs is located on collab-maint on Alioth.

@Ondřej: I would like to discuss the filing of the transition bug with you when I am back from VAC (in August).

If people think that starting with the transition in August is too late for Jessie, I will be happy about people joining in and starting any part of the required work earlier. Thanks!


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