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Bug#741573: Two menu systems

Russ Allbery writes ("Bug#741573: Two menu systems"):
> Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
> > Ansgar Burchardt writes ("Bug#741573: Two menu systems"):
> >> [1] This might include maintainers having to convert icons at package
> >>     build time and so on.
> > I think this is something quite trivial that can be centralised and
> > automated (dh_...).  Moving work from install time on the user's
> > computer, to build time, is generally a win.
> Until someone has actually done that work, I believe the possibility of it
> being done should be out of bounds for this Technical Committee
> discussion, unless the intended implication is that the Policy maintainers
> should go write such a tool (given that we're the ones affected directly
> by the judgement of the TC here).

I think you've misunderstood me.  I felt Ansgar and I were discussing
in the abstract what would be the most optimal situation.  Certainly
I'm not saying that policy should mandate the use of anything that
doesn't currently exist.

I think that whether the general machinery for converting icons
etc. for the menu is sufficiently automatic/sophisticated is a
matter for the submitters of trad menu integration patches.

IMO if those patches aren't unreasonable then maintainers should
accept them, even if they're slightly less automatic than would be

> There are doubtless many things that could be done to make it easier for
> maintainers who largely prefer desktop files to support the traditional
> menu as well.  Part of the reason why this bug was raised in Policy in the
> first place is that none of them have actually happened, and that didn't
> seem that likely to change.

Has anyone described any actual difficulties with supporting the
traditional menu ?


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