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Bug#727708: init system coupling draft CFV

Russ Allbery writes ("Bug#727708: init system coupling draft CFV"):
> Here is the new draft of my ballot option.  I think this addresses all of
> the issues that were raised.  I didn't rewrite the whole thing to avoid
> all the shoulds; I thought about it, but it felt like it made it a bit too
> hard to read.  I did try a few different wordings of the bit about
> upgrades, and hopefully what I came up with will work.
> This includes the change I proposed to Andreas, although unfortunately
> Andreas hasn't had a chance to respond on whether that addressed his
> objection.  It also makes it clearer that the point about not offering
> advice past jessie only applies to the sysvinit compatibility part.
> This has also been committed to Git.

I don't see it.  Perhaps you failed to push.  I have transposed it
into git myself and pushed.


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