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Re: Bug#727708: init system coupling etc.

* Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org) [140212 19:00]:
>     Packages should normally support the default Linux init system.  There

I would drop the word "Linux" here - Packages should support our
default init systems.

>     are some exceptional cases where lack of support for the default init
>     system may be appropriate, such as alternative init system
>     implementations, special-use packages such as managers for non-default
>     init systems, and cooperating groups of packages intended for use with
>     non-default init systems.  However, package maintainers should be
>     aware that a requirement for a non-default init system will mean the
>     package will be unusable for most Debian users and should normally be
>     avoided.

Also, I would think it appropriate if packages should (i.e. in case
appropriate patches are available) support other init systems, and not
depend on the default init systems.

>     The Technical Committee offers no advice at this time on requirements
>     or package dependencies on specific init systems after the jessie
>     release.  There are too many variables at this point to know what the
>     correct course of action will be.

I think we could just drop the whole paragraph.


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