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Bug#727708: init system coupling etc.

Keith Packard writes ("Re: Bug#727708: init system coupling etc."):
> The discussions held within the context of the default init bug were
> fruitful, and without rancor, which makes me hopeful that the project
> membership can drive this issue to consensus in the near future through
> the usual policy editing process. As such I'd like to amend this
> proposed ballot with an additional option:
>  * The TC chooses to not pass a resolution on this issue at the current time.

I have transposed this into my draft ballot options (work in
progress).  But I wonder if you would prefer to amend it.  As it is it
doesn't say _what_ the TC is declining to pass a resolution on.  If it
passed, that would have to be inferred from the defeated alternatives.

Perhaps you would like to change this to something like:

   The TC chooses to not pass a resolution at the current time
   about whether software may require specific init systems.

I don't formally propose this because I see no point on voting on both
your proposed wording and this edited one.  But if you like this
wording, or wish you change it, you may do so, as the proposer of your


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