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Bug#727708: Init system GR override call for votes

On Sun, 09 Feb 2014, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I hereby call for votes on the following resolution
>    If the project passes (before the release of jessie) by a General
>    Resolution, a "position statement about issues of the day", on the
>    subject of init systems, the views expressed in that position
>    statement entirely replace the substance of any TC resolution (past
>    or future) on the same topic; the TC hereby adopts any such
>    position statement as its own decision.
>    Such a position statement could, for example, use these words:
>       The Project requests (as a position statement under s4.1.5 of the
>       Constitution) that the TC reconsider, and requests that the TC
>       would instead decide as follows:

I vote FD. The current proposal already handles this case.

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