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Bug#727708: Call for votes on init system resolution

On Fri, Feb 07, 2014 at 01:08:46AM -0800, Keith Packard wrote:
> Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:
> > I consider the L option as currently written to be a commitment to a
> > course of action that is technically broken and unsustainable.  I also
> > think the effect of L is contrary to its intended goal and will make it
> > less likely, not more likely, that Debian will provide working support for
> > any init system other than the default in the long run.  (More on that
> > below.)
> I agree with this, with a slightly greater emphasis on ensuring that
> Debian developers continue to have great latitude in choosing how to
> package software. I would also have preferred to continue Bdale's ballot
> which didn't mention this issue at all.

The main discussion among TC members regarding L seems to be around
the fact that its validity is in the current proposal not limited
to jessie.

IMHO this is a mostly theoretical discussion, since I'd expect that 
after any "multiple init systems in jessie" decision the whole
init system discussion covering all aspects will anyway have to
be done again for jessie+1.

And that's not just kicking the can a bit further down the road:

In 2 years [1] the situation will anyway be different with many things 
more clear - perhaps everything desktop environments want is provided by 
both systemd and upstart so a new L saying "either systemd or upstart" 
will be noncontroversial, or perhaps Canonical has abandoned upstart in 
favour of systemd, or perhaps Lennart has abandoned systemd in favour
of OpenRC, or whatever else might happen during the next 2 years.

My impression is that with L limited to jessie [2], both DL and UL could 
be acceptable for all TC members.

That's far from a deadlock.


[1] rough estimate for the timing for the jessie+1 init system discussion
[2] and expecting that a decision for jessie+1 will be made after jessie,
    if someone insists you could even write explicitly into the
    resolution that the TC will re-evaluate the situation for jessie+1 
    after the release of jessie


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