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Bug#727708: Call for votes on init system resolution

Le vendredi, 7 février 2014, 01.08:46 Keith Packard a écrit :
> I think a fair number of us seem to feel that the T/L notion is at
> least as important, if not more important, than the D/U/O/V decision
> as it sets a broader and longer-term precedent for the project than
> choosing which init system should be the default for jessie.

What the technical committee members feel is important to rule upon is 
one thing; what the technical committee can rule upon is defined by our 
constitution. Sometimes there's a mismatch.

> Would it make sense to actually build a ballot that voted this issue
> separately, and do that *before* the default init system for jessie
> vote? We would list all four of the proposed versions (<nil>, L, T and
> S).
> (…)
> It seems to me that this issue is clearly a matter of technical policy
> and falls under the ctte purview under section 6.1.1, although I
> believe it has some ambiguity as to whether it is valid because of
> 6.3.5.

Sorry to insist on this point, but I think both L and S fall under 
§6.3.5, specifically under "does not engage in design of new (…) 
policies": for instance, L says "Software outside of an init system's 
implementation may not require a specific init system to be pid 1"; that 
would quite clearly set a new policy.

The latter part of §6.3.5 also applies I think: "The Technical Committee 
restricts itself to choosing from (…) decisions which have been proposed 
and reasonably thoroughly discussed elsewhere", which resonates with 
§6.1.1's parenthesis "the usual maintainer of the relevant (…) 
documentation makes decisions initially" (who would probably be the 
Policy maintainers).

The Tight/Loose/Split-the-init discussion has mostly (if not only) been 
discussed in this bug, by the technical committee members, failing the 
above "elsewhere". Also, the maintainers of the various concerned 
packages (consumers or providers of logind for instance) have also 
clearly stated that their work was stalled by the choice of a default 
init; this policy work hasn't had a chance to happen.

I think it also fails §6.3.6 "Technical Committee makes decisions only 
as last resort", as that specific issue hasn't been brought by the 
Policy maintainers.

Finally, if the matter is of sufficient importance, I'm quite certain 
that it will be brought up to the Technical Committee.

Cheers, OdyX

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