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Bug#727708: [OFFLIST] - Possible trap to be avoided

Mike Bird writes ("[OFFLIST] - Possible trap to be avoided"):
> > So for the avoidance of doubt, we would put this into the TC
> > resolution:
> >
> >   If the project passes by a General Resolution, a "position statement
> >   about issues of the day", on the subject of init systems, the views
> >   expressed in that position statement entirely replace the substance
> >   of this TC resolution; the TC hereby adopts any such position
> >   statement as its own decision.
> To avoid leaving an unexploded bomb for future generations when the issues
> revolving around init systems may be entirely different I suggest you apply
> a (generous) time limit to this - maybe six months.

Mike, I hope you won't mind me replying in public.

You are entirely right.  I intend to add a sentence saying "before the
release of jessie", which I think ought to be about the right time


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