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Bug#727708: Vote sysvinit 4 jessie

On Mon, Feb 03, 2014 at 09:17:33AM -0500, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> Finally, it is worth considering that there is very little chance for
> upstart to win this particular vote.  Given the 4:4 systemd:upstart
> split and existing statements from the 4 on the systemd side, there is
> very little chance that they will vote upstart high.  Hence those TC
> members that don't want to see its default should be trying to figure out
> how to get 1 of the 4 to vote something else above systemd.

Only if upstart supporters actually believe it would be better for Debian to
keep sysvinit as the default in jessie instead of adopting systemd, which we
don't.  I'm not going to try to manipulate an outcome that leaves Debian
with a bad solution for jessie, just because I think there's a slim chance
it might give a better solution down the line for jessie+1.

> sysvinit is probably the only option that has any possibility of
> getting 5 or more votes over something else.

That's incorrect.  From what I've seen of the TC's stated positions so far,
I believe both upstart and systemd have *8* votes over sysvinit.

> At least if sysvinit wins, that gives upstart another cycle to get in
> better shape, rather than being disqualified now.

Most of the reasons given by those members of the TC that favor systemd do
not change with the passage of time.  If the only issue was feature parity,
that could certainly be addressed by a concerted focus of resources.  But
the #1 reason given is alignment with other distributions, which doesn't go
away next cycle.  The #2 reason given concerns the fundamental difference
between upstart's and systemd's modeling of the universe, which also isn't
going to go away.

So all deferring for another cycle does is leave Debian with annoying
cumbersome init scripts and unsolvable race conditions for another cycle.

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