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Bug#727708: Vote sysvinit 4 jessie

I'd like to make one last plea in support of sysvinit, since I see no
compelling reason to rush to something else in time for jessie.

Firstly, it is already much easier to use alternative init systems
since the TC discussion really got going in December.  init-select
makes it super easy to swap between sysvinit and systemd.  There is
now less reason to change the default since the user can do so him or

Secondly, leaving sysvinit in place makes it possible to gauge the
organic adoption of the newer init systems.  In the future, when it
really makes sense to change the default, concrete facts like popcon
numbers the number of packages providing support can be used to
support the decision, rather than smells and feels.

Thirdly, it lets the project evolve its own meritocratic solution.
Soon enough there will be a strong desire for gnome to drop support
for all other inits, and slowly over time fewer packages will support
the non-winning init systems, which can eventually be fully deprecated
slowly over time.

It also gives the alternatives more time to "catch up".  openrc was
easily discarded from the discussion since the packaging was not yet
complete, but that isn't really fair from a technical viewpoint.
upstart has some technical issues that might improve given more time
and the possibility that it may still be under consideration.

Finally, it is worth considering that there is very little chance for
upstart to win this particular vote.  Given the 4:4 systemd:upstart
split and existing statements from the 4 on the systemd side, there is
very little chance that they will vote upstart high.  Hence those TC
members that don't want to see its default should be trying to figure
out how to get 1 of the 4 to vote something else above systemd.
sysvinit is probably the only option that has any possibility of
getting 5 or more votes over something else.  For that reason, the
upstart supporters should really be campaigning sysvinit to the 4
systemd supporters.  At least if sysvinit wins, that gives upstart
another cycle to get in better shape, rather than being disqualified

So, is sysvinit the status quo?  Yes and no.  Yes its the same init
system we've seen for a long time.  No, because concurrently all of
the other systems are becoming usable and more viable options that are
easy enough to switch to.

So, for all those reasons, please vote sysvinit for jessie.

Best wishes,

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