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Bug#727708: Vote sysvinit 4 jessie

Jonathan Dowland writes ("Bug#727708: Vote sysvinit 4 jessie"):
> On 03/02/2014 14:17, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> > Hence those TC members that don't want to see its default should be
> > trying to figure out how to get 1 of the 4 to vote something else
> > above systemd.
> Shouldn't the TC members focus on their own vote and leave the others
> to focus on theirs? Likewise, if one finds themselves in the minority,
> should they not accept that gracefully?

What we are actually doing right now is focusing on the details of
drafting to make sure that:
 - the parts of the resolution that are in every ballot option
   are unambiguous (so they won't result in more arguments) and
   properly reflect the TC consensus
 - the parts of the resolution that are contentious are the clearest
   possible but also the most reasonable approach
 - we don't accidentally prejudge something we don't intend to;
   or conversely accidentally fail to specify something which is

Frankly right now I'm not even reading messages which are trying to
persuade us to change our minds about the key questions.


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