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Bug#727708: multiple init systems - formal resolution proposal

On Sun, Feb 02, 2014 at 09:30:36PM -0500, Thilos Rich wrote:
>  Don't be facetious. The point that is being made is:
> F U C K system v init. F U C K anyone who relies on it,
> uses it, likes it, we will not help you, we will not
> continue on with it, F U C K U N I X, F U C K old sys
> admins.

No, what they're saying, if anything, is "If you're not willing
to learn, you really should be."

> You say it in many clever ways, but don't think we don't
> get the message.
> As was said before:
> SystemD feels like an invasion, because it and its priests
> are spearheading just that.
> I now know to 1/100th of a degree what the pagans of europe felt.
> Debian provides all manners of different languages and support for them
> Debian provides various different kernels to run,
> and different versions of different kernels aswell as
> build systems should you choose to run some other kernel.
> Debian should continue to provide the simple sysvinit
> (for most daemons) scripts
> that it always has. It is usually not hard to start up a 
> daemon. The standard debian init scripts are usually fine,
> just change which binary it runs etc.
> Not much support is needed: keep your hands off the init
> scripts and they'll keep working as they have for most
> daemons. So stop being facetious and telling us to 
> go and fk ourselves while claiming you arent.

Um, that's exactly what he's saying they're going to do. The maintainers
are probably going to keep the SysV scripts in there, however most will
probably not want to bother maintaining them, as systemd units (and I
would suspect) upstart jobs are much easier to write and maintain. If
you've got a serious problem with that, then you can always write or
maintain your own. If the init script needs no changing, then you're all
good, but eventually some are going to need changes, and that burden
might very well fall on the users.

> And respect your elders please too, they use, like,
> would like to continue to use system V init, and
> not be goaded into being corralled into your
> new cattle pen.

I've only been using Linux for 5 years, so what I say probably means
nothing to you, however people that have been using Linux and Unix for
decades are not all opposed to using systemd or Upstart. I really would
do some research if I were you on why they're wanting to switch. It
would probably shed a lot more light on your problems than what I can
say in this email.

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