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Bug#727708: TC resolution revised draft

Sébastien Villemot writes ("Bug#727708: TC resolution revised draft"):
> P1: DT > UT > DL > UL
> P2: DL > UL > DT > UT
> P3: UT > UL > DL > DT
> P4: UT > UL > DL > DT

This is a nice example which actually demonstrates why these questions
need to be voted on in a single ballot.

If one votes on T-vs-L before U-vs-D, P3 and P4 don't know how to vote
on T-vs-L until they know how the vote on U-vs-D will turn out.

And of course the order would have to be fixed, and not depend on
assumptions about the preferences of the voters; so it's not an answer
to say "then we'll do U-vs-D first".


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