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Bug#727708: TC resolution revised draft

On Sat, 2014-02-01 at 17:10 +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Sébastien Villemot writes ("Bug#727708: TC resolution revised draft"):
> > P1: DT > UT > DL > UL
> > P2: DL > UL > DT > UT
> > P3: UT > UL > DL > DT
> > P4: UT > UL > DL > DT
> This is a nice example which actually demonstrates why these questions
> need to be voted on in a single ballot.
> If one votes on T-vs-L before U-vs-D, P3 and P4 don't know how to vote
> on T-vs-L until they know how the vote on U-vs-D will turn out.

I believe that part was just a typo in the message you're replying to,
and it should be "UT > UL > DT > DL" for P3 and P4. He wouldn't have
written about "relative importance of these two questions" if he had
intended the answer to one question to change depending on the answer to
the other.

So his example was one where the D/U and L/T choices were independent
for every voter, but combining them into a single ballot produced a
result different from the expected result of voting on each independent
question separately.

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