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Bug#727708: multiple init systems - formal resolution proposal

Le mercredi 29 janvier 2014 à 20:00 +0200, Adrian Bunk a écrit : 
> What *basic functionality* exactly is missing in GNOME 3.10 without logind?
> Note that I am not referring to bugs that are not yet sorted out like
>   * Switch from consolekit to systemd-logind sessions. For some reason
>     gnome-shell 3.10 unlocking fails with consolekit...
> 3 months ago in gdm3 - I am referring to basic functionality that is 
> simply missing in GNOME 3.10 without logind.

You have the answer to your own question above. Unlocking the screen
sounds like pretty basic functionality.

Gnome-shell uses GDM for screen locking, and GDM heavily relies on
logind nowadays. There is fallback code that uses ConsoleKit, but it has
been untested for several major releases, and now fails even for trivial
things. Add to that the fact that ConsoleKit itself has been
unmaintained for quite some time, making it unsuitable for a new stable
release that needs maintenance for several more years

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