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Bug#727708: multiple init systems - formal resolution proposal

Le mercredi 29 janvier 2014 à 19:03 +0200, Adrian Bunk a écrit : 
> > No, you are not. There are several features in systemd that GNOME uses.
> > One of them is user sessions, for which there will indeed be a fallback
> > in place. But it is not the only one.
> Can you provide a list of features without a fallback in place?

At least logind, timedated, hostnamed, localed, the boot control
interfaces. With a very widespread level of failure depending on the
unavailable interface.

> Assuming jessie will support multiple init systems, why would GNOME need 
> a dependency on systemd?

Because it needs logind.

> Would making any init system other than systemd the default for jessie 
> automatically exclude GNOME from being considered as an option for the 
> default desktop in jessie?

There are solutions for a non-systemd init. They are technically wrong,
but they are realistic (basically it means using logind v204). But there
are no realistic solutions for having GNOME support multiple init
systems in jessie.

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