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Bug#727708: Thoughts on Init System Debate

Don Armstrong writes ("Bug#727708: Thoughts on Init System Debate"):
> 3: Frankly, I don't want to support more than one set of init files; if
> the other architectures are to be release architectures, they really
> should get whatever the CTTE decides is the default init system ported
> to them, and the maintainers of that init system in Debian should accept
> patches to do so, even if it means that the default init system is less
> functional on those architectures than it would otherwise be. [Even
> without cgroups, it'll be superior to sysv, after all.]

This, together with your earlier comments that you somewhat prefer
systemd, is not realistic.  No-one has seriously suggested that making
systemd portable would be feasible, and reimplementing it would be a
very big project.

Do you recognise that a decision to make systemd the only supported
init would mean the end of non-Linux-based ports of Debian ?


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