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Bug#727708: tech-ctte: Decide which init system to default to in Debian.

Hi guys, I'm just an user.
Well, can I make a suggestion?
We know systemd can't run on kFreeBSD and because of it Gnome can't run on kFreeBSD too, but what about Cinnamon? Cinnamon is dependent on systemd?
1- If not, so Cinnamon + good apps can make kFreeBSD usable. So replacing Gnome by Cinnamon on kFreeBSD (in CD-1, netinst, DVD-1 or whatever) is feasible.
2- If yes, MATE can be another good idea (I already have build MATE on it :D). MATE + good apps for example Pidgin, VLC, Brasero, and other).
3- In last case, if necessary kill kFreeBSD in favor to Illumos, the OSDyson project still alive and can be adopted in Debian project. Or, considering Gnome 3.10 is in OpenBSD ports, maybe a kOpenBSD is feasible.

I think FreeBSD is  not worried about the existence of systemd, and they are using your init yet, so kFreeBSD can work around that too.
Sorry if I said some very absurd, I'm noob. Thanks.

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