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Bug#698556: Processed: Please override isdnutils maintainer's decision to not fix the broken isdnutils package in wheezy


* Debian Bug Tracking System (owner@bugs.debian.org) [130120 13:55]:
> > clone 609736 -1
> Bug #609736 [isdnutils-base] isdn device nodes are no longer created
> Bug 609736 cloned as bug 698556

I already discussed about this topic on the original bug report.

1. I think packages should work out of the box as far as reasonable

2. In this case, isdnlog (amongst other tools) needs device nodes.
There was a script as part of the package that would create those
nodes, and which was removed by the maintainer.

3. The maintainer proposes that users add their own startup scripts to
add device nodes, until some solution via udev and the kernel is in
place (which currently doesn't work because the isdn subsystem is not
supported by sysfs/udev yet, and which is not to be expected for the
next stable release due to the ongoing freeze).

4. While I see reasons to consider the udev solution nicer if it would
be available, I fail to see a reason why it would be better to have
users creating their own startup scripts then to include sensible
defaults in ours.

Now, all of the above was part of "what I would consider as sensible".
This is not necessarily the same as "how would I vote as tech ctte
member" - this needs more thought.

However, as the release is getting nearer and a ready patch is
available, I think we should try to get to a decision rather soon.


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