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Bug#682010: [mumble] Communication failures due to CELT codec library removal


On Wednesday 25 July 2012 03:50:23 Chris Knadle wrote:
> The way you've described this, /if/ the trick with Speex does work, and the
> Debian version of Mumble ships without CELT, it would mean that if any
> Debian user shows up on a public server then all users would switch to
> using Speex. If that's the case, then the audio quality of Speex vs Celt
> and the latency each has matters to an extent.

If "the trick with speex" works and is actually deemed necessary, then we're 
talking about a package providing the absolute minimum of interoperability 
without any ambition to providing quality. And yes, for it to work, it would 
need to switch all clients within hearing range to using speex with all the 
penalties in quality and latency that brings.

However, as suggested earlier, statistics also show that users on Linux 
platforms make up not quite 2% of the overall userbase, and users affected by 
the hack would be well below that (my guess would put them under one per mil). 
With that in mind, it would be easy for users to just kick the offending 
handful of clients worldwide off their servers if the need arises, since it 
would be a very rare occurrence. That makes the impact on the overall userbase 
absolutely negligible.


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