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Bug#682010: [mumble] Communication failures due to CELT codec library removal

On Saturday 21 July 2012 03:35:56 Ron wrote:
> Sorry to keep this going with one more message, but since it seems apropos
> to the question of building an accurate table of where we might expect
> compatibility, and the earlier question of what people use on Ubuntu and
> other derivatives:
> [cut IRC log about Mint 9 having a client version without baseline client]
> So it would appear that shipping with celt 0.7.1 support is actually
> not sufficient on its own for people to communicate with the existing
> deployed base, and this is the advice people are given in those cases,
> by the developer who disabled the speex support ...

Please cut the unsubtle trolling against what happens upstream in development 
versions for now, especially when the situation has been explained to you 
repeatedly and patiently by upstream developers.

If certain server or client versions do not support the baseline, then that 
was so far universally a problem of maintainers not understanding the baseline 
contract and insisting on exclusively using bitstream incompatible 
distribution packages of the CELT library (some other distributions that shall 
remain unnamed have also been repeat offenders), and catering to that is 
certainly not on anyone's list, since it would, indeed, be crazy.

And in another message, he wrote:
> Speex is our most certain baseline, because all clients support it,
> and no server support is required.

Support for speex was a hack around disabilities of CELT at low bandwidths, 
and it could easily be added because the decoder was already in the client, so 
it was a non-breaking change to have clients just send speex encoded audio and 
be universally understood. Still, there is no way for a client to make other 
clients use speex. I will, however, happily declare being wrong about that 
once the magic fix-all speex patch hits and actually works.

**Sidenote:** Discussion about the qualities of different codecs, what they 
were made for, or what people want to use Mumble for, is certainly out of 
scope for this issue. With the qualities of Opus, it would certainly make a 
worthwhile topic on the Mumble forum.


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