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Re: Bug#681834: network-manager, gnome, Recommends vs Depends

Hi ctte

I just wanted to bring here an argument that came in debian-devel: the one 
that says that n-m does not play well with usb0 type network interfaces [1].

I have not tested this myself, since I do not use a laptop and do not need an 
USB network gadget on my desktop, so I can not confirm it. But if it is true, 
it means that gnome chained hard dependency on network-manager is not even 
suitable for laptops when they need to resort to USB network cards.

Another issue that has come across the discussion is about network-manager 
being deinstalled means n-m enabled applications break. As far as I know, n-m 
aware applications all have a fallback mode. My (personal) use case against 
network-manager is that I use pidgin, which is n-m aware, and I use a 
networking configuration with static interfaces (I use a static IP at home). 
If n-m is installed and running, pidgin does not work since it thinks there is 
no usable network. Deinstalling n-m (dpkg -P in my case) fixs it without 
needing to restart it, you just need to disable and reenable accounts. update-
rc.d will do the same, but I see no point of having an unused software 
installed, but it comes it again on any aptitude run (together with the option 
of pulling gnome and al its related packages out). Also in my personal use 
case, n-m messing with /e/n/i is not an issue since I do not have interfaces 
that can get hijacked by n-m, but as it has been shown in this list, some 
people can have that concern.


Noel Torres
er Envite

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2012/07/msg00471.html

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