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Bug#681834: network-manager, gnome, Recommends vs Depends

block 645656 by 681834

The argument about the dependency from gnome-core to network-manager
has now reached the TC.  This has been extensive discussed, most
recently on debian-devel.  The most recent response from Josselin is

It seems to me that:

 * n-m breaks the networking of enough people that this is a
   significant problem which should be fixed.

 * There is not currently another metapackage besides gnome-core that
   would pull in enough of the gnome system.

 * There is no good reason not to use Recommends (or indeed Suggests)
   in a metapackage.

 * In particular, tests have shown that the remainder of gnome
   functions as expected when network-manager is not installed; the
   situation appears to be the similar to that which occurs if n-m is
   installed but the system's active network connection is not one
   made by n-m.

 * Also, that there are people who choose not to install Recommends at
   all is not a reason not to make this change.

 * The present situation in wheezy appears to be a regression from

So I would propose that we:

 * Clarify our view that the normal rules for deciding dependency
   priorities apply to meta packages too;

 * Require no change to policy;

 * Overrule the maintainer of gnome-core, requiring that the
   dependency on network-manager be changed to Recommends;

 * Advise the release managers that we would prefer this change to be
   made in wheezy, provided it is uploaded promptly.


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