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Re: Number typo in the Constitution

On Mon, July 9, 2012 05:07, Ian Jackson wrote:
>    Fix this with the following semantically neutral amendment:
>     - Increment the section numbers of sections A.2 to A.6;
>     - Renumber the second section A.1 to A.2;
>     - Amend the references into A from elsewhere in the constitution
>       accordingly.  Specifically change the references to A.6 in
>       5.2(7) and 6.1(7) to refer to that section under its new
>       number A.7.

This would of course break previous references to the section numbers, and
may be confusing e.g. when browsing older mail archives referencing a
specific section. To me an obvious solution would be to renumber the first
'A.1.' to 'A.0.', a numbering convention not quite unknown to us all.
Would there be a drawback in that approach?


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