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Technical Committee proposed GRs

It looks like the TC are going to be proposing some GRs within the
next few months.  Very likely there will be three:

 - Constitutional change to fix the supermajority bug
 - Constitutional change to permit the TC to have private discussion
 - Position statement regarding when TC should overrule maintainers

I'm emailing you to give you a heads-up and get your opinion about

These are all independent issues and we think they should be discussed
and voted on concurrently, but voted on separately.  How should this
be done ?  As three concurrent but entirely separate GRs ?  I don't
know whether your GR processes can do a single GR proposal with
multiple sub-ballots each with their own set of options, so that each
sub-ballot can be separately accepted or rejected.

Also, the constitution gives the proposer the power to accept
amendments.  If a GR was initiated by the TC, who has the power to
accept amendments ?  Is it just the TC as a whole by its own
resolutions (which would be rather cumbersome) ?  Or is it the
TC member who proposed the TC resolution which started the GR ?

I'm hoping that you'll say that it's just the TC as a whole but that
the TC can delegate that power.  If so, the TC's own resolution
starting the GR can contain something like this:

   For the purposes of accepting or rejecting amendments to this GR
   proposal, according to Constitution A.1(2), we delegate to <name>
   the power to accept amendments, and to each of our other members
   the power to veto the acceptance of amendments (as if each TC
   member was a sponsor).  The Committee reserves the right to
   overrule, by means of a TC resolution on whether to accept an

What do you think ?


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