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Re: Arbitrary-length numbers

On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 07:36:58PM +0300, Тони Стоев | Toni Stoev wrote:
> 2011.05.27 петък 18:14:53 Ian Jackson:
> > Тони Стоев | Toni Stoev writes ("Arbitrary-length numbers"):
> > > Hello members of the Debian Technical Committee,

> > > I would like to discuss a complex issue with you that could take up
> > > several swirls of discussion, inclusively in other places with other
> > > people.

> > This is not really the purpose of the Debian Technical Committee.  We
> > exist to resolve disputes within Debian about the desired behaviour of
> > the software.

> I find the Debian Technical Committee to be the closest match to Debian
> 'Great Ideas to Change the World for Good' Board.

The Technical Committee isn't close to this at all; it is a
constitutionally-defined body with a precise mandate to arbitrate disputes
between developers (and optionally to propose general resolutions for the
project with a lower threshold).  If you really think Debian in the right
place for this discussion, then you should discuss with the Debian developer
community at large via debian-devel or debian-project.

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