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Re: Arbitrary-length numbers

2011.05.27 петък 18:14:53 Ian Jackson:
> Тони Стоев | Toni Stoev writes ("Arbitrary-length numbers"):
> > Hello members of the Debian Technical Committee,
> > 
> > I would like to discuss a complex issue with you that could take up
> > several swirls of discussion, inclusively in other places with other
> > people.
> This is not really the purpose of the Debian Technical Committee.  We
> exist to resolve disputes within Debian about the desired behaviour of
> the software.

I find the Debian Technical Committee to be the closest match to Debian 'Great Ideas to Change the World for Good' Board. This is why I have contacted you.

> > Would you encourage use of arbitrary-length numbers in any area of
> > implementation? And would you advocate software and even hardware
> > development for that purpose?
> I don't think we will take a position on your proposal.  

I'm seeking your opinion(s).

> If you would like to encourage its use, you should be talking to the
> upstream developers of programs and libraries which deal with
> multiprecision numbers,

For this generic and complex matter there are multiple upstreams, the most important being sourced from hardware.

> preferably with example code and
> demonstrations of how it benefits people.  You should study the way
> other people with interesting ideas have managed to make those ideas
> successful in the Free Software community.
> If I'm brutally honest, I'm reluctant to suggest that you put in the
> work

Sorry, I couldn't understand "put in the work".

> because I think it is likely that your proposal will not find
> much favour, so it would be a waste of time.  But then history is
> littered with tales of people in positions like mine telling people in
> positions like yours that your idea is a waste of time, so feel free
> to try to prove me wrong.
> In any case, the Debian TC (and indeed the Debian project generally)
> is not the place where you need to be presenting your ideas.

The Debian project and generally the software distribution projects are the bottleneck where the many ideas meet the many uses through implementations. I consider this place as a directing point. Thank you for existing.

> Ian.
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