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Bug#587886: future of maintaining of the bootloader LILO


in the last four months I worked further on the development of LILO
which can be seen on the project homepage and LILO homepage:

One result of my development on LILO  is the release version 23.1
(from 2010-11-04), which can be downloaded here:
and can also be seen in the git repository here:

The newest outcome results from the collaboration with some Ubuntu
developers: they wished not only to create Debian packages but also, 
with the same source package, Ubuntu packages. This work is now done.
There are new packages for Debian and Ubuntu, made with the same 
source package of LILO 23.1.

It can be seen in the following git repository:
and can be downloaded for Debian Squeeze (i386, amd64):
and also for Ubuntu Natty (i386, amd86):

While working on these new packages I have analyzed all bugreports for
LILO in Debian and Ubuntu. I have created many patches which can now be
used to close 25 Debian bugreports and 5 Ubuntu bugreports.

Finally it would be nice we could move the new Debian packages into
Debian unstable ...

Have a nice day,

Joachim (Germany)

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