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Re: Mailing list filtering for debian-ctte

On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 10:59:04AM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org> writes:

> > I can't help, I don't understand.  I yesterday followed up to a mail
> > that was additionally addressed to the <debian-ctte@lists.debian.org>
> > mailing list and got an automatic reply telling me that the mail cannot
> > be delivered because I'm not subscribed.  Not a bounce, but an automatic
> > reply to the address in the From: header, not the envelope sender
> > address.  How do you call this?

> Surprising.  As a CTTE member, I'd prefer to change that to have the same
> mailing list policy as all the other Debian mailing lists, and am willing
> to put up with the small amount of spam that makes it through the list
> filtering.  I thought it already was.

The debian-ctte list is a historically special case.  I don't believe that
it should be; I'm on plenty of other Debian mailing lists and find the
common spam filtering more than adequate.  But I know that Ian has strong
opinions on mail configuration, so we should be sure we have a consensus
among the TC before making a change here.

As a workaround for those trying to send mail to the TC, here is what I
understand is *supposed* to be the debian-ctte posting policy:

 - mail sent via the BTS is accepted
 - mail sent by list subscribers is accepted
 - mail with a valid PGP signature is accepted
 - all other mail is rejected

This has been the stated policy in the past; if it has changed since then, it
was done so without discussion on the debian-ctte mailing list, so I would
consider any divergence a bug.  (Which would not be surprising, as this is
the only Debian list with so complex of a posting policy, and there have
been implementation bugs in the past.)

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