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Re: runinit-run, releaseability thereof

On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 10:54:12PM -0400, Don Armstrong wrote:
> Release team: if you think this bug makes runit-run unreleaseable,
> please indicate as such; otherwise I think it's reasonable for the
> maintainer to downgrade the severity of this bug if the maintainer
> feels that it is releasable. [If there's some disagreement as to
> whether it is releasable or not, that technical decision can of course
> be refered back to the ctte.]

After some discussion, we feel that the fact that runit-run can be
installed, and unless further manual action is taken, it will make the
computer unbootable to indicate that the package is unreleaseable.

Thus, we consider this an RC bug.

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