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Re: Bug#510415: tech-ctte: Qmail inclusion (or not) in Debian

* Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org) [090814 04:49]:
> Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> writes:
> > Would it be enough for these issues to be filed as RC bugs and the
> > package be allowed into unstable, or is there a set of issues that
> > need to be fixed before this happens? [If there is a set, what is it?]
> > I'm fine with specifically spelling out the issues that we're already
> > aware of needing to be fixed; I just think it's not fair to the
> > prospective maintainer to have a moving set of things to fix for
> > uploading to the archive. [It's perfectly reasonable to have a moving
> > set of things to fix for propogation to testing, though.]
> I agree with Don on this, for the record.

I think it would be good to get rid of at least the "does delayed
bounces" before upload. For all the other issues, RC bugs are an
option. I also think that even in case we decide to allow qmail in
that still gives the ftp-team the chance to remove it for having
unhandled RC bugs for a too long time (that's in case the other issues
are not fixed).


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