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Bug#510415: tech-ctte: Qmail inclusion (or not) in Debian

On Sat, 25 Jul 2009, Andreas Barth wrote:
> So, I can see three different ways to continue. In any case a. and c.
> should be fixed if the package is allowed into Debian.
> 1. Allow qmail to go into Debian (including squeeze).
> 2. Allow qmail into Debian unstable, but prevent it (at least for now)
> from entering testing.
> 3. Not allow qmail into Debian.
> (4. Further discussion)

A slightly different possibility:

1. Allow qmail to enter without precondition

2. Allow qmail to enter unstable (or experimental?); an RC bug to be
filed preventing normal transition for a period of at least a month to
allow for additional RC (or non-RC) bugs to be filed. After a month,
the RM or the maintainer can continue to decide that the package is
not acceptable for release at their discretion, as happens for any
package. [If the RM or maintainer don't reaffirm the transition
blocking bug, the ctte will close the transition blocking bug.]

3. Do not allow qmail into Debian

4. Further discussion.

I'm personally leaning towards something along the lines of #2, with a
an immediate RC bug just to allow a slightly longer period for bugs to
be filed and things to get worked out before it enters testing.

If there aren't any objections to #2, I think we should clean up the
language, and put out a sample ballot and call for a vote.

Don Armstrong

Show me your flowcharts and conceal your tables, and I shall continue
to be mystified. Show me your tables, and I won't usually need your
flowcharts; they'll be obvious.
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