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Re: Re: Some coriousities about debian package maintaining


I want to thank you both for telling me your unswayed opinion, and for the 
tip disabling automatic installing of recommends. I were not yet that 
familar to Apt, to know switches like that.

The topic is closed for me, I installed tsocks back on the system.

Nevertheless, it seems like asking here wasn't good for me.
Just noticed, an hour after posting here...
15:06 - You were kicked from the channel by [weasel]

I am sorry weasel, I didn't want to criticize you that way.

Best regards,

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Betreff: Re: Some coriousities about debian package maintaining

Hi Sebastian!

Manoj Srivastava schrieb:

>> CRAZyBUg• oh yeah this bug sucks, after removing unneeded depencies,
>> apt stopped working saying 'privoxy, tsocks, socat needed by tor but
>> not installed'
>         I doubt that is the case. Only tsocks would have been reported.

You might want to look at the equivs tool which can be used to "trick"
the package management system (which indeed behaves correctly in the
case you brought to the technical committee).

Best regards,

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