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Re: Fwd: Bug#422139: git #422139 - summary for the Techical Committee

All policy seems to have to say about this is:
     Packages that include daemons for system services should place scripts
     in `/etc/init.d' to start or stop services at boot time or during a
     change of runlevel.  These scripts should be named

It's only a should and not a must.  

But it has also been pointed out that this is what administrators
expect.  And I see no good reason not to provide that interface
to our users.  Only providing the runit version seems to cause
more problems for the users that are not familiar with it.  It
could even be argued that if you provided an init.d script you
would have less bug reports.

I would recommend putting the init script in the same binary package
as the daemon itself.  Having it in an other package will most likely
result in the service being stopped and not started again on upgrades.

And I don't think having a new source package just to provide an init
script is a good idea


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