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Re: Code reformatting

Ian Jackson wrote:
> dpkg is now forked, as you will be aware.

Why do you want to fork dpkg for code reformatting? If not only for code
reformatting, then why would your fork be better?

> Guillem is continuing to commit to what he and Raphael regard as the
> master official dpkg tree, changes which are reformatting,
> reorganisation, and so forth.

I don't really see why that should not be allowed? I agree that it makes
it harder for people with existing patches though one can argue that
reformatting may make the code easier to maintain...

> As a matter of urgency, I would like the him to be asked to stop this
> immediately.  It will make any future resolution of this dispute
> harder, and while the dispute remains unresolved, it will make it
> harder for the two trees to remain in sync.

AFAIK the dpkg maintainers are working on bringing the trees functionaly
in sync...

As it's in a vcs, I don't see why they need to stop doing that as these
commits on code reformatting can easily be reverted, no?

> I would like the Leader to ask him (privately or publicly, as the
> Leader wishes) to stop while the TC decides.  I would also like the
> Technical Committee to rule that he should refrain, explicitly
> overruling.

I don't understand who would be overruled or why you need both the
Leader and the TC to take actions?

> Obviously I won't be formally proposing resolutions, voting, etc., on
> this question.  But here is a draft resolution:

So not formally, just informally suggesting?



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