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Re: Package-created usernames

Bdale Garbee writes ("Re: Package-created usernames"):
> After digesting the replies here and some off-list discussions, I 
> now agree that while it is desireable for packages to be flexible about 
> usernames to support the kinds of situations I described, requiring all 
> Debian packages to be flexible in this way is not a reasonable objective.

Right, and I certainly agree that username flexibility ought to be
encouraged.  Usernames shouldn't be compiled in and unchangeable by
local configuration without some good reason.

But in the cases where there is such a good reason (which is a
decision of the kind we usually expect package maintainers to make),
how should that username be chosen ?

If we can come up with a good answer to that question (I think the
suggestions we've had so far show that we can), surely we should use
it even where the package can in principle be reconfigured.  After all
that still saves admins the work of reconfiguring one side of the name


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