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Re: Call for Votes (getaddrinfo)

Anthony Towns writes ("Re: Call for Votes (getaddrinfo)"):
> Again, if we don't think this bug is severe enough to need to be fixed
> in stable (and thus qualifies as RC), I don't think we should be overruling
> the maintainer.

If you think that RCness (or desire to fix in stable) is relevant,
surely the question is whether _you_ think this bug is severe enough
to be RC ?

Personally I think the bug ought to be fixed in stable, as I've said.

Would you vote in favour of a resolution which insisted on pushing the
change to stable, would you vote in favour ?  I think not.  So it's a
red herring.

> If Josip's correct in saying that this is screwing over the Debian
> apt round-robin hosts, it seems like we should be saying this is RC, but
> nobody seemed willing to do that when I brought it up earlier.

I think that it will be easier to convince people to push it into
stable after we've demonstrated that it works well in testing.

If you think it's a release-critical bug and that it ought to be
changed in stable, surely you should vote in favour of my resolution
as a step towards that goal ?


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