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Bug#441200: libconfig name clash

Andreas Barth writes ("Bug#441200: libconfig name clash"):
> What are the reasons to also vote about a procedure for the new name,
> and not leave that to the default mechanismns?

Well, if we say nothing at all then at least one of the two parties
has suggested they may pick the name `libconfig1'.  I don't think
that's good enough.

So we need to say something about what the new names should be or how
they should be picked.  I don't want to get into a discussion about
the particular new names now - before we've even voted on which one
has to change - because that'll just derail us.

Which leaves the possibilities of insisting that the losing side(s)
contact us for explicit approval, or of specifying some other process.
I think the TC is too cumbersome to put the resolution of this
conflict on hold more than once.  So I invented the process you see in
my draft.


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