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Bug#441200: libconfig name clash

* Ian Jackson (ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk) [071128 03:25]:
>   [Option D:]
>     (1) The existing libconfig in Debian may retain its name.
>   [Options X and N:]
>     (1) The existing libconfig in Debian must be renamed or removed.
>   [Option N:]
>     (2) The newer library may use the name libconfig.
>   [Options X and D:]
>     (2) The newer library may not use the name libconfig.
>   [All options:]
>     (3) A maintainer who is refused the use of the name
>         `libconfig' is invited to suggest one or more new
>         name(s), within 14 days of this resolution.
>     (4) If after that no member of the TC objects to a name within 7
>         days (counted from the maintainer's suggestion), then the
>         package is entitled to the name.
>     (5) Even if a TC member objects, if the TC does not pass
>         a resolution vetoing the new name within 28 days, the
>         package is likewise entitled to the new name.
>     (6) This process applies to each package rejected the use
>         of the name `libconfig' by (1) and/or (2) above; it
>         applies to library names, filenames, package names, and all
>         similar names and identifiers.
>     (7) Suggestions and objections are to be sent to this bug.

What are the reasons to also vote about a procedure for the new name,
and not leave that to the default mechanismns?


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