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Re: Call for Votes

Manoj Srivastava writes ("Re: Call for Votes"):
>         I am not sure it is right to just leave things to the
>  maintainers, no matter what they chose, once we have been called in to
>  make a ruling.

I agree absolutely.  We should make a decision if we can agree.  If we
can't agree with the required majority then obviously the decision is
left to the maintainers by default.

>         And I think we should advocate the behaviour we consider to be
>  better  when we make the ruling, whether or not we are changing Etch as
>  well (personally, I would consider changing behaviour in Etch in a
>  later point release, depending on the fallout of the change made in
>  unstable).

Quite so on both counts.

For TC members who are at all worried about the effects of this
change, surely it would seem sensible to wait and see what the effect
is on lenny before making the change in etch ?  (Obviously I'm very
convinced that the change is right so personally I already think etch
should be changed.)


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