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Re: Call for Votes


 1. RFC3484 s6 rule 9 should not be applied to IPv4 addresses
    by Debian systems, and we DO overrule the maintainer.
 2. RFC3484 s6 rule 9 should not be applied to IPv6 addresses
    by Debian systems.  We do NOT overrule the maintainer.
 3. We recommend to the IETF that RFC3484 s6 rule 9 should be
    abolished for IPv4, and that it should be reconsidered for IPv6.


 -=-=-=-=-=- Don't Delete Anything Between These Lines =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 [1] Choice X: Do not use rule 9, overrule maintainer, etc., as above.
 [3] Choice S: Sort IPv4 addrs according to rule 9 in getaddrinfo
 [3] Choice M: Leave the choice up to the maintainers.
 [2] Choice F: Further discussion
 -=-=-=-=-=- Don't Delete Anything Between These Lines =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

        I am not sure it is right to just leave things to the
 maintainers, no matter what they chose, once we have been called in to
 make a ruling.

        And I think we should advocate the behaviour we consider to be
 better  when we make the ruling, whether or not we are changing Etch as
 well (personally, I would consider changing behaviour in Etch in a
 later point release, depending on the fallout of the change made in

You will wish you hadn't.
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