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Re: Bug#367709 reopened

Steve Langasek writes ("Re: Bug#367709 reopened"):
> Other than not being a Debian Developer, I don't see any reason that Sven
> Luther is not "the right person" here; and in cases of overriding a
> Developer, the constitution doesn't actually say that the request has to
> come from a Developer.  So I would have to vote against this.

The reason why Sven Luther isn't the right person is because he's
demonstrated his inability to have a reasoned discussion with people
he disagrees with.

As far as we're aware this bug report is part of a design of svenl's
that no-one else believes in.  This design is as far as we can see not
finished and the implications for everything else not yet fully
explored.  Doing that work involves talking to lots of people that
don't want to talk to svenl.

If someone else believes in the need for this (eg, because svenl has
explained it to them and they agree) then they can raise the issue
with us because we will be able to talk to them about it.

In my opinion it is a waste of our time and energy to deal with svenl.
You are right to say that requests to the TC don't have to come from
Developers.  However, we are not obliged to enter into discussions
with disruptive trolls.

> If we're going to go to the trouble of ruling on this bug at all, I'd much
> rather it be discussed and we reach some kind of consensus, not just "we're
> not doing anything on this bug for a variety of reasons."

We need to have a formal ruling to make svenl stop bothering us and
the other developers.


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