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Re: Bug#366938: svn commit access to the d-i repo ...

* Ian Jackson (ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk) [060607 12:13]:
> Anthony Towns writes ("Re: Bug#366938: svn commit access to the d-i repo ..."):
> > Access controls to source code repos hosted on .debian.org seem a
> > technical decision to me, so plausibly within the committee's domain. We
> > can, of course, decline to consider the question anyway. I wasn't
> > intending to delegate anything.
> I think we should settle the question of whether decisions of this
> nature are technical or not, before a case turns up where the DPL and
> the TC disagree.

Well, the constitution explicitly tells us that the dispute who is
maintainer of a package *is* something the tech ctte can settle. Reading
this (which is also not a too technical question by itself), I would
say: yes, this is indeed a technical question.


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