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Re: Technical committee chair rotation, draft resolution

On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 12:20:11PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> 3. The intent is that the Chairmanship should rotate through the
>    committee in the following order,
>        Ian Jackson        [Feb / Aug]
>        Steve Langasek     [Mar / Sep]
>        Raul Miller        [Apr / Oct]
>        Manoj Srivastava    ---
>        Anthony Towns      [May / Nov]
>        Andreas Barth      [Jun / Dec]
>        Bdale Garbee       [Jul]

(dates added)

Augh, we just agreed on a rotation, why a new one now? Downside to the
above: it schedules newbies and oldbies together rather than interspersing
them (Me then Andy; Bdale then Ian). 

>    Each Committee member will server for one calendar month UTC, and
>    then the cycle will repeat (starting again with Ian Jackson).

I don't think we're able to come to a decision on an issue in that brief
a timespan, and handing over issues begun by one chair to a new one seems
a guaranteed way of making things more inefficient than they need to be.

In particular, the devmapper issue was brought to the ctte's attention
on the 7th Dec and remains outstanding today, 11 weeks later. I brought
this issue up on the ctte-private list a month ago today, and we've been
pretty unanimous about at least the rotating chair aspect, but we still
don't seem to have a consensus on what we want, let alone a decision yet.

> 4. The rota starts with Ian Jackson for February 2006.

Didn't you just step down as chair? 


That was how I took it, and I understand that's how Steve took it?

Your resolution doesn't address the possibility a tech ctte member is
secretary or DPL as far as I can see, but presumably should.


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