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[Fwd: Re: [RFC] Software Process Improvement in Free Software, Closing the Quality Cycle, Inventing Non-Developer-Demotivating QA/QM/SPI]

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Respected Madames and Sirs,

I've seen Your efforts to maintain the quality of Your SW-distribution
on qa-debian.org:

" We know that, at the moment, there is no real quality assurance for
Debian, in a conventional meaning of that term. Although we have a
strict and well defined Policy which defines all the requirements for
packages, a "department" is missing which would assure that those rules
are followed in every package, and that packages are well integrated
into a system. "

As experienced developer since 1984, Studies of SW-QM/Processes at
University and Process Automation Industry, and former certified Quality
Mananagment Professional (German DGQ e.V.)  I suggest building a "real"
quality managers team with extended work focus to full QM and SPI ( e.g.
like stated below) soon with my application as member to You.

I also question You as "consortium" organisation to join the german
government "IT Offensive 2006", e.g., since theres lack of both: Free
Software Organisations participation and Software Quality Management.
QM-Research and Development is cost intensive, maybe we could get
assigned some funds from there, too. http://www.softwarefoerderung.de/

Personally, I could spend full time for such a project since I'm "out of
~ commercial industry" and handicapped since a motorcycle accident in
2001, so my commercial consulting abilities are very limited now to home

The statement below awaits further analysis/research discussion.

Respectively Yours,
Thomas Schorpp

P.S.: Some literature for people interested to join:
- - ISO 9000-3 (little too old), 12207, TR 15504 (SPICE, esi.es), CMMx
standards (cmu.edu).
- - Publication of the SPR inc. CEO: "Assessments, Benchmarks and Best
Practices ( good for SPI practioneers ).
- - DGQ ITG 12-51/52 books (little outdated, but good to start)
- - Many publications on software qa (testing) around.

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Subject: Re: [RFC] Software Process Improvement in Free Software,
Closing the Quality Cycle, Inventing Non-Developer-Demotivating QA/QM/SPI
Resent-Date: Mon,  1 Nov 2004 09:25:41 -0600 (CST)
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Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 16:26:01 +0100
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Thomas Schorpp wrote:
| hi all,
| as i see you try to maintain quality in debian efficently.
| ive been thinking for months now about inventing and adopting
| the SPI-standards cmm(x), spice, iso12207, and iso 9001,
| etc, in free sw's lifecycles
| and would like to ask you about comments and discussion.
| discussion/research points:
| 1. closing and improving the spi/qm/qa- cycle with the developers by
| analyzing their dev-processes, tools, configuration/analysis mngmnt and
| give non-demotivating feedback with
| -what i call now- "CMP" ( Capability Maturity Points), scale 10-100
| (log).
| the classic industry way has shown up to be demotivating, developers
| would avoid the system or even trick it off.
| 2. escape the megawave of developer->feature->bug->developer bad cycles
| by targeting q-lacks at the beginning of a lifecyle leaving no stage
| uncovered, just building a dam against the bug-hazard at the end
| and maintaining old waterfall structures has shown up no more
| sufficent -UNDEPENDENTLY- of the size and amount of sw-project(s).
| 3. research, collect and provide "best practices", not just scales.

4. invent software metrics for oss like function/class points.

| . . .
| y
| tom

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