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Re: Versioned Symbols

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 09:22:53AM -0500, Stephen Frost wrote:
> ...
> This doesn't solve the problem, and -Bsymbolic only solves a portion of
> the problem.
> ...

I have looked at -Bsymbolic, and it seems to be doing about the
same as my proposed change (see elsewhere), however the docs on this
potato box are too ambiguous to be usable, so here are some (stupid)
questions (don't bother to answer those) and some food for thought
depending on what the answers to the stupid questions are.

1. Is -Bsymbolic applied to the .so or the binary calling it?
(I assume the .so but it does not matter here).

2. If an .so is built with -Bsymbolic, can it still be used by
programs linked against a non-Bsymbolic copy of the same .so?

3. If a binary is linked against a -Bsymbolic .so, can it still
be used with a non-Bsymbolic lib with the same .so name?

And finally the real question (I'll figure the above out myself,
but don't want to delay this message while I investigate):

4. If the answers to both of the above are yes, what harm would
there be in simply turning -Bsymbolic on by default in the debian
copy of binutils (and contributing it upstream)?

Whatever the solution my point here and elsewhere is that when
there is a choice, making a lot of maintainers and developers
work hard (whether on code, scripts or upstream negotiations) is
almost always worse than fixing some part of the toolchain to do
the work for them by default (freedom dictates that the default
can be turned off).



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