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Versioned Symbols

Hey all,

  Please excuse the (minor) cross-post but I think the technical
  committee needs to find an answer and that answer then be set in

  We need to make a decision on how to properly handle multiple library
  versions ending up linked into the same process.  A few of the options
  that I've heard, though they may not be the best, are:

  - Implement versioned symbols
    - May cause binary compatibility issues
    - Doesn't follow LSB (I believe..)
    - Could be difficult to do correctly

  - Conflict between library versions
    - Wouldn't allow valid setups where the versions aren't linked into
      the same process
    - Lots of packages would end up uninstallable for certain library

  - Don't implement versioned symbols
    - Continue to have problems with multiple libraries being linked in
    - No compatibility issues

  At the moment some people have versioned their libraries in order to
  fix the issue, potentially breaking compatibility and LSB.  Other
  people don't have versioned symbols which brings up the problems like
  OpenSSL 0.9.6 and 0.9.7 being linked into the same process and
  crashing ssh when using libnss-ldap or libpam-ldap.

  At the moment I tend to think versioning the symbols is the 'right'
  thing to do and we should push to get upstream, other distros and LSB
  to do that too.  I don't think leaving things the way they are is


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